4.9 billion people primarily obtain and retain information through speaking & hearing. 


Gospel Joy is a trusted source of inductive audio bible studies for the prevailing audio learners in the African population. These bible students learn best through traditional conversation styles of questions, discussion, and listening. This innovative innovatived approach allows women to study the bible in a method that is specifically designed for them, without removing solid theology or doctrine. With programs across the world, Gospel Joy is an easy desirable choice for bible study material. 

Just as you need to translate language you also need to translate communication style. 4.9 billion people communicate through speaking and hearing and thus Gospel Joy works to support the local church with bible study material that fits their language and communication style.

“The great Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, once said that the Bible is like a caged lion. You don’t have to defend it as much as you just need to let it out of the cage. The Bible remains a closed book to oral cultures outside of the developing world. The lion of God’s word needs to be let out of the cage. The mission of Gospel Joy is to let the lion of God’s word out of the cage in these oral cultures with inductive Bible studies that are especially suited to them. I love this ministry and I commend it to all who long to see the word run and be glorified.”

Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehm Baptist Church