Frequently Asked Questions


What is an oral learner? 

According to the International Orality Network, an oral learner is "A person whose mental framework is primarily influenced by spoken rather than literate forms of communication and who therefore learns primarily or exclusively by speech, song, etc." 


What format does your audio bible studies come in? 

All of our audio studies are recorded by Africans and are available in an audio file (mp3). Depending on resources, our partners play the audio file in different ways such as microSD disks, CDs, or computer. 


I know someone who could benefit from these materials, how may I access them?

At this time, the curriculum is being developed and piloted. Once it has been successfully used and updated we would love to consider partnering with others. Please open the contact us page and send us a message to be added to the waiting list. 


Where do you work? 

Currently our material is being used by local churches in Cameroon, South Africa, Zambia, and SE Asia. 


How does this material benefit the local church?

Gospel Joy is an organization that strives to support the local church and its pastors. This material is available for pastors to use in order to teach and train the members of their congregation.


Why do you focus on women, what about men?

Gospel Joy views men and women as both of equal value in God’s eyes but with different roles. These roles take on a very traditional view across Africa whereby women are typically in the home raising their families. Therefore, the majority of the educational and theological training available is for men. Yet women are important, are made it God’s image and influence the home and the culture significantly. Providing women, the resources to study God’s word in-depth allows women to understand God's redemptive story. 


How is Gospel Joy affiliated with Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN?

Just as Gospel Joy works through the local church to equip believers, so is Gospel Joy equipped by the local church. There are no legal ties between Bethlehem Baptist Church and Gospel Joy but Bethlehem has influenced Gospel Joy and its theological foundation since its founding in 2005. In 2017 Bethlehem Baptist Church appointed Gospel Joy's current Executive Director as a supported global partner.