Providing Biblical & Theological education resources for female oral learners. 

Approximately 70 percent of the world population primarily or exclusively learn and remember information through speech. They learn about events, share opinions, and their worldview is shaped through what is spoken and heard. There are nearly 2.45 billion women who fall into this category. 

In contrast, the majority of the Biblical and Theological resources available for discipleship are written. To be a disciple of Christ does not require a person to be literate and yet to grow in faith and knowledge of Christ is important in the life of the individuals as well as their wider family. 

Women have value because of Christ. They also have incredible influence on future generations through their children and neighbors. Thus discipling women so they can disciple others results in a deep and rich understanding of the Bible for the immediate community and wider culture. 

The Aim of Gospel Joy Mission Is to contribute to the discipleship of the church by providing Biblical & Theological education resources for Female oral learners.

Gospel Joy works with the local churches in Africa to connect with women whose method of communication and learning is primarily through the spoken word. The goal of the project is to work with a church too deepen the women's understanding of Biblical and Theological concepts, grow their relationship with God, and have the ability to disciple their children and neighbors. 

Gospel Joy curricula is designed to support churches who desire to equip women to grow, learn and understand the Bible deeper but are limited due to the lack of resources in an oral learning style. Gospel Joy views men and women as both of equal value in God's eyes but with different roles. By providing resources that meet the needs of women who have traditional expectations, they are able to access and study the Bible.